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  1. Brian Ferris says:

    I’ve bought his course in 2008 and since then I’m panic free. I was scared to death in my car and in social settings. My wife told me a couple of months ago she was thinking about a divorce because I was no fun to be around.

    So I even saved my marriage with these sessions 🙂

  2. Maggie Hamilton says:

    It’s been well over a year since I ended the course. I don’t have panic attacks anymore but I’m happy that I continue to receive these videos.

    For me, the sessions were an eye-opener and not only because they teach you how to stop panic attacks, they do so much more! I’ve enriched my life with everything I’ve learnt.

    Every month I repeat one session so I never ever forget what’s on them.

  3. Renee says:

    I vouch for that! Your Course is the best thing that happened to me the past 20 years

  4. Greg McDonald says:

    Hi everyone! I’m a truck driver and one day, just like that, I would up with panic attacks. Seriously I couldn’t drive anymore, not with my truck, not with my car.

    I lost my job (obviously) and found this website a couple of months ago. It opened up my eyes.

    The course isn’t cheap, but it is well worth the money. I’ve learned more in those 14 weeks than I have during the 232 therapist talks I’ve had over the years.

    God Bless you Geert and good luck to everyone else.

    I’ve you’re still thinking about starting, do as he says, take the leap of faith! you won’t regret it.

  5. Judith Amman says:

    I certainly enjoy your talks on my e-mail about panic attacks. I am 74 yrs. old and have had these attacks for years. I am on a limited income so for the present time I will have to wait to get your program. Hopefully in the near future I can afford them. Just listening to the few that you have sent to me online has helped me somewhat by not saying to myself while driving or having an attack “what if” I tell myself I can do it and it helps at times. I sincerely appreciate your visits.

    God Bless You and your work and helping others overcome their fears.

    Judith Amman

  6. ray says:

    i think everyone suffers panic attacks of some kind, and i know some alot more than others. but for the people with mild effects, i think you have (hit the the nail on the head) by saying : A LEAP OF FAITH: because that is what you have to do in life for anything that holds you back when you are scared of anything. thank you

  7. Deborah Puckhaber says:

    Thank-You Diana & Phylomena for sharing your stories. I started suffering from panic attacks soon after I was married back in 1983. I was a perfectionist. When I didn’t get pregnant immediately; I became depressed. When I did become pregnant, and miscarried; I became depressed and anxious once again. I wasn’t fun to be around, because all I saw were young mothers with their babies, or pregnant women. Do you see the correlation with my focus, and the cd about the red car. Over time I lost my friends, because I was focused only on my problem. I sought medical help, which eventually lead to taking pills. I gained 50 lbs. over the four years that I took the anti-anxiety medication, and I was always tired, so I slept alot. Two major side effects are increased appetite, and drowsiness. I wasted four years of my life being numb. For many years I lived with my panic attacks, and dealt with them as best I could.
    I started listening to the cd’s in January 2010 and have learned that I am a hyper-sensitive person. The caffeine, msg, and aspartame have an affect on me unlike the general population, and that I most definately have to avoid them. I say to myself on a daily basis “whatever happens it is okay”. I’ve very recently learned that “whatever I say to myself is the truth”. Geert has a gift, and I’m thankful that he shares it with us.

  8. Katherine says:

    I ran across a quote the other day when listening to The Secret on CD in my car. The quote seems appropriate to this message today:

    Take the first step in faith. Take the first step. You do not need to see the entire staircase! Dr. Martin Luther King

    You might not be able to see yourself as panic free today, but take the first step! Thanks for your sessions. They have helped me more than the past year of talking to a psychologist! I am so glad that I found your materials.

  9. Susy says:

    I’ve learned something from your Emails (I don’t have the CDs) that helped me when I thot I might panic, recently.
    I realized that whether or not I got scared, the situation would run it’s course all the same.My feelings were not relevant to the outcome.
    Krishnamurti said, “This is my secret: I don’t mind what happens.”

  10. KC says:

    Hi Geert,
    I’m going to take a leap of faith and finally purchase your program. All of your sample cd’s were more informative then what any counselor had to say. You should really write more books on this topic or have a seminar somewhere in the USA, I would be the first one there!

  11. sonia ross says:

    Hi Geert,
    Thanks so much for all your emails. I hope to purchase your cd as well in the near future even though I no longer have panic attacks. I had panic attacks for over forty years and invested time and money with doctors but as everyone will agree, they only want to numb it with pills. I had my first attack at 19 years of age in college and my life was never the same. I don’t know how I was able to graduate but finally I did. I have to avoid large crowds which meant church which I loved and next was driving expecially on express ways where it was difficult to stop. I found it easier to travel on two lane roads. I blamed the panic attacks on family and childhood and anything other than myself. Panic episodes are best shared with people who have experienced them, because other people simple don’t understand.

  12. Lynda says:

    Please keep sending me your e-mails until I can afford to purchase the program, which I hope will be soon. My biggest problem is the :what if” thinking and how do you know it’s just anxiety making you feel all of these crazy feelings or something worse? Having been misdiagnosed twice with cancer has turned me into a hypochondriac! So, it’s hard for me to accept that the feelings I have are just anxiety..when it feels like much worse when it’s happening!

    Thank you. I can’t wait to purchase the program. I’ve been to therapists, psychiatrists and I feel you are the only person who really hits home when you speak about anxiety.

  13. Pandora Seaton says:

    Dear Geert,
    This week’s newsletter video and testimonial are quite timely especially since I had no real physical problems when I ordered the course a couple months ago. Now I had one test which has turned into another 6 or so at the hospital. This has been the ultimate test that your course is really working because my primary and worst panic attacks over the years have been hospital related yet now I have been OK!
    While I was slipping into general anesthesia Tuesday morning, I remembered your description of dealing with that cataract surgery. I’m sure I was smiling because for the first time I had this control over my emotions in a bad circumstance. I have 2 more tests in the morning tomorrow, but I am not worried, I will deal with them then! And after Tuesday’s success, I believe I will do quite well.
    Now I’m going to get a little mushy on you. When I listen to the relaxation session and I think of who I would thank, YOU, Geert, are first on my list~ a true Godsend.
    Warm Regards,
    Pandora in week 8.

  14. Pandora Seaton says:

    Hey People! I’m in week 8 of Geert’s course, and it has helped me already much more than anything else I’ve tried. It is truly revolutionary for those who apply themselves~ I’ve gotten more than “my money’s worth” already!

  15. Jaklynad says:

    Hi Geert, I have been corresponding with you for a while now. I have your first set of CD’s. I come across your video’s frequently and love the insights. Your experience of what you & I have been through has been a revelation. Keep up the good work. We need people like you in the world who have been there and back in one piece. Your are right on the button about the psychiatrists and mental health workers showing empathy. Just does not help, more drugs, lets try this one, this is new on the market….

    Regards Jaqueline

  16. Sian says:

    Dear Geert, I am on week 7 of the course and I am feeling so much better. Like Phylomena my husband has died. He was my soulmate and my rock. When he became ill my panic attacks became worse and when he died they escalated even more. With your help I am learning to say “whatever happens it is ok”. At the end of each week when I have listened to a session for the last time I look forward to the next week so I can start the next session. What I love the most is that it is your voice on the sessions and your face on the videos. By doing it all yourself I’m sure it creates a lot of work but it gives it a personal touch which makes me feel as though you are talking to me directly. Thank you. Sian

  17. Clive says:

    I think the e mails and videos are interesting and I agree we do this to ourselves.
    However my panic attacks come at 50 mph in the car and I cannot see ANYTHING at all that encourages me to think YOU can help prevent
    the split second adrenaline rush that I get, IF you can I may well buy your course?

  18. andre van schaik says:

    I am 75 years old and had panic attacks since february due to withdrawl from oral morphine for my MS. I had them day and nite so i bought Geerts sessions and now i am at the last session and most of the time i dont have any attacks anymore. Lately i had 2 by driving in france but i did the 6 steps and said whatever happens its ok and since then i did not have them. In one word its great this cd course and i thank Geert with all my heart for giving me back my confidence and i can sleep without pills or whatever, I follow all the rules and my food changed so much and i feel so great now. THANKS GEERT YOU ARE MY SAVER.

  19. Georgia says:

    Hi Geert and any one else reading this…

    I’ve been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for just over a year, and I’m still unsure of exactly what caused it. I had been experiencing bullying on and off at school and as I got closer to exams extra stresses were added. Personally I think the main thing that made it worse is because I care way too much about what people think of me! This was apparent because the thought of someone seeing me have an attack and seeing my symptoms was what usually brought the anxious/panic feeling on.

    I went to my doctor after coming out of my maths exam one day and he gave me some Beta Blockers but they didn’t help me at all. Then when I had to travel on a plane he gave me some diazepan which helped for a few hours but my anxiety came back after the tablets wore off.

    I got to the point where I didn’t completely understand what was wrong with me and I thought there was no way out, which was when I came across this programme. I’m only one number 3 as I like to listen to each one lots to make sure I get it, as I’m a bit of a perfectionist! What Geert says is so easy to understand, especially when he gives the little quirky examples! The audio sessions aren’t so serious like my psychologist was and he makes panic seem not so scary, and I feel like Geert knows how I feel because he’s experienced it himself!

    Thank you for your help so far Geert and I hope as the weeks progress my panic and anxiety continues to get better… and thank you for giving me hope!

    Georgia 🙂

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