My (very) private life and that new years’ eve

Here’s a sneak peak into my little world. You’ll see where the anxiety struck me for the first time,
and you’ll see what I’m up to these days.


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122 thoughts on “My (very) private life and that new years’ eve”

  1. Marcia says:

    Hi Geert! It’s great to see you when you were little. Thanks for being a real person!

    I’m on session 13 right now. Almost done. I have only one fear left and that’s the fear that the program is almost over. You’ve been by my side those last couple of weeks and to be honest, it was amazing!

    I had spent so much money, had tested so many things, but nobody really cared about me. You did.
    Nobody really helped me. You did.

    I am ‘fearless’ since 6 weeks give or take. And that’s the best feeling I ever had.

    You have all my gratitude AND the gratitude of my kids and family. They’re the ones who are really benefiting now.

    I don’t know how to thank you for all the knowledge and actionsteps you gave me!

    God Bless You Geert!

    Marcia from Chicago.

    1. Tracey Featherstone says:

      Hi Geert,
      Thank you so much for your support and help from the course I am halfway through it and have found that it all makes so much sense once you start practicing all the advice that is given . Once I thought that I was the only person who had panic as I didn’t understand what was happening to me . For me just to hear your own story about your attacks has given a
      Sense of comfort to me. I have recognised and changed certain things in my life and things for me have improved and with a bit more practice and training I know I will be panic free very soon as they are getting less and less each week.
      Thanks for your time and devotion
      Tracey .

  2. Janice Rimes says:

    Hey Geert! Is that the Sliding Doors restaurant in San Francisco? I recognize the place! I was there for a business “rendez-vous” one day and I had a really bad panic attack there. I had to leave the restaurant, left my client at the table and lost my job.

    It’s striking that your picture brought me back to that moment! in a way I felt what you had when you found your pictures.

    I started your courses back in 2008 now but I’m still following your blog. I am panic free since then thanks to you, got me a new job and life is great.

    Keep it up!

  3. Harald Dyer says:

    Hi Geert, where can I find the course everyone is commenting on? I would like to start!

  4. Brian Jeffordson says:

    I wanted to be a racecar driver too 🙂

    But then I got that fear of driving. Always a blast! I’ve been listening to the CDs for 5 weeks now. Week 4 really was an eye-opener.

    I felt a difference before week 4, but that week really described me to a T and started the big changes I’m feeling now.

    I follow Marcia, you are an amazing person. I’m 54 years old and I’m guessing you’re still under 35. It’s inspiring to see you’ve gathered all those tips and tricks that really deliver at that young age.

    I’m still no race-driver, but I AM driving my car again, highways, bridges, tunnels. At first I had to use the Tsunami method you describe, but as you promised, it became an automatism and I don’t even need to consciously think about it.

    Gotta go now, but thanks man!

  5. Geert says:

    Thanks already for all those great responses! I “feed” on them, they really inspire me to keep this site running.

    Harald, the courses are on:

    There is a link as well below the video, on the right.

  6. ron says:

    great storys I love all you enligtments for panic persons keep up the great work it is aways a treat to get your emails

  7. Klaud says:

    Its amazing how powerfull the human mind is..KEEP going its all good!!!!

  8. Bobbi from Sask., Canada says:

    Hi Geert,
    I want you to know that your work has saved countless lives. This is a condition that can be so harsh, people do take their own lives, but not if they have heard from you! You have helped myself and others more than words can express. No, I am not completely anxiety free yet but can at least put it in prespective and cope so much better now. I am 53, and have had this since I was very young as well. I am ready and willing to be patient because I was so much older and needed help like you are giving and could only wish to have overcome this at the young age you did. Your courage is an inspiration to the world of thousands of anxiety sufferers and it is sad that you never really know how many lives you have changed for the better forever!
    Now you share such a personal part of yourself and I am again blessed. As much as I would like to I will not share this with anyone as you have my deepest respect.
    I truly hope you can find a helper or manage the time required to continue. This is your calling and I wish so much for you to continue. I offer you any help I could possibly provide from so far away. Very sincerely, Bobbi Shapiro

  9. Marilyn says:

    Geert: Thank you for sharing part of your life with all of us. I applaud your openness and your sharing helpful videos. I keep each video and review them often. My panic attacks (I’ve had two, both about 5 years ago) involve driving on freeways here in California. I very much want to overcome them. I used to drive hundreds of miles by myself, both for business and to pick up my grandchildren who lived 250 miles away. Now I can barely drive 2 exits on the freeway. Would your course expressly address the fear that I have? I have no problems with socializing, planes, or other phobias. I need to overcome this as I am worried that someday my husband may not be able to drive and I will need to once again traverse the freeways. Right now he does all the distance driving. Thank you again so much for the time and energy you are devoting to helping others. I, for one, greatly appreciate it. Tell your girlfriend to be patient with the time you are spending, as you are doing so much to help humanity. Thanks!

  10. Rey D. says:

    Its good to see those pics and all the comments on this blog,just cause I like to hear people changing and enjoying their lives for the better. I know i am much more positive since starting this course,right on Geert and keep up the good work.

  11. Linda Ray says:

    Hi Geert, i’ve been listening to your videos you send me and you sound so positive! I’m still in my panic attack stage; where im shaky and afraid of everything and people and going out, I have an appointment in the morning and have been worrying about this all day today……horrible scary feeling, you would think I was going to my death, thats just how scared i feel. I take anxiety tablets Buspiron off my Dr which help a little but not much, I came off prozac because they never helped. I’m rambling on now but just wanted to say to you how well you have done in picking up your life and fighting these awful panic attacks and feelings that are so scary…

    Love Linda X

  12. Amanda says:

    Thank you for sharing your life and advice with the world !

  13. Irina Kurland says:

    Wow, what an amazing story. Love getting your emails. Really helps me with my problem and it really is getting easier. Keep up the great work.

  14. kent says:

    Hey Geert great to see ya and great video.Just you’r e-mails are very helpful I have conquerd my anxiety but the e-mails help me stay grounded and remind me of things I might forget.Thanks Geert.

  15. Karen D. says:

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures, Geert. I, and so many others, appreciate all you do.

  16. Julia says:

    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information. I was wondering-did doctors start you off on medication and let that do it’s thing? My concern is the whole “put a bandage on it” when really I would like to become more of a fearless, panicky, depressed person who is free of drugs. Currently I am on medications for another illness that I have and in addition I am on an anti-anxiety medication and an anti-depressant medication. I feel like a bit of a drug store and was wondering if medications are the way things need to be?

  17. Theresa M says:

    Oh My Gosh what a cool video! I’m sorry you were emotional when you were looking at the pics. I think most of us got emotional right along with you BUT you were such a cute little boy…adorable! and I love the cool dog too 😀 Seems like this is a horrible illness and then can be gone as fast as it came. But it’s a silly strange condition. I drove 600 miles one day with my hubby by my side and the next day wouldn’t drive three blocks alone…go figure!
    I do so enjoy reading and watching your email. It helps so much and right now I’m in a huge hole. My grandson was killed by a drunk driver just 10 days ago and my emotions are flying all over the place. So know that I am hanging onto your every word right now and that even though my heart is bleeding with sorrow and watching my kids lose their baby is practically unbearable, I know I will be doing well again and back fighting this because you got better and because my Grandson was a fighter (he was born with cerebral palsy because he was very preemie) and he would want me to fight this too. God bless you Geert for all the good you do for people.

  18. Theresa Ranger says:

    Dear Geert,
    Thank-you for sharing your life with us. I am suffering from anxiety. I am on disability and raising a 17 year old daughter. I was a Fedex driver for 11 years, I went through a divorce, I was married to an alcoholic for 17 years, I lost my job because of anxiety and my son died 17 months ago. My son committed suicide. One of my biggest worries are about money. Not enough to pay my bills…all the comments from people about where are you working etc…My thoughts race and I feel like I am not smart enough to get back into the work force..I have too many fears…oh, how do I get through this???????????? If you would email me that would be great. Thank you, Theresa [email protected]….

  19. Doc H says:

    Geert, since discovering your web site some months ago I have referred a number of patients to your site. I’m an Emergency Medicine physician. As you know, the somatic perceptions in panic attacks drive a LOT of victims to call for an ambulance and head for the ER (often repeatedly). While some medications work, mind-body techniques work better — and I just don’t have time in a busy ER to use them. But now that your web site is available, I have a place to refer these folks! Keep up the good work — and thanks for all you do for folks with “somatiform disorders” (panic attacks).

    CDH, M. D.

  20. odette st john,s newfoundland says:

    i really enjoyed ur vidio it was awasome iknow u help me to deal with my panic attacks hope u keep up all the good work u are doing may god bless u

  21. Linda MS Enos says:

    Hello to the girlfriend please let her know you do the world a wonderful service. Thank you for sharing moments of your private life. I suppose some things are blessings in disguises imagine if you never knew the despair of a panic attack where would many people be.
    God bless you and yours. I have found much help and inspiration in your video.


    Linda MS Enos

  22. Alison Scrutton says:

    Dear Geert,
    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with us.
    I really look forward to your emails as they give me hope that there is life after panic. Someone asked me the other day what book helped me the most, but it wasn’t a book, it was communication from yourself and all the info on your website. It really feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel and that is all down to you.
    Thank you once again and God bless both yourself and your girlfriend.

  23. Greg says:

    Geert, It takes strength and hope to beat panic attacks and you give people that strength and hope. Hope your dad is doing well now. Greg

  24. Carol says:

    Geert – I thank you for being simply yourself – it brings tears – but from knowing that such simplicity is such beauty – I don’t think I am expressing it as well as others here but want to let you know I am so touched. A thousand hugs to you.

  25. Carie says:


    You would be amazed at how many lives you changed. I know that my life has been better since listening to you. The other night I woke up to a panic attack at 5:30 in the morning and ran to the bathroom and sat beside the toilet.Feeling so much nausea the room was spinning. Then I remembered you telling us not to fight it, that it makes it worse, to just let it float by you and relax. So I laid down and relaxed, I was so relaxed that I woke up on the floor about 15 minutes later with no panic left in me.

    Thank you for taking the time and doing this. I was helpless for so long. I was so glad to find your program.

    Thank you

  26. maureen says:

    hi geert
    i was very moved by your video and your pics it must have been so frightening having panic attacks so young,i have listened to all the cds now i iam a lot better now but still have my phobia of being sick which holds me back all the time any hints or tips from anyone on how to get over this would be lovely. i listen to your cds every day i find great comfort in them i also listen to the relaxation cd every night usually falling asleep half way through it i wake up when my machine clicks off. keep up the good work you are wonderful all love and thank you.

  27. Lise says:

    Hello Geert,

    I’ve just viewed your latest video. Pretty cool to be able to see you in other parts of your life.
    I started to simply browse thru your site early this year and listen to your videos – I was experiencing anxiety and intense fear however am doing much better (your videos have helped me put my life in perspective). All the way from Montreal (Canada) a great big THANKS!
    Keep it up!

  28. chris says:

    What exactly stopped the panic? What was the breakthrough?

  29. jess says:

    It never fails. The past couple of times I’ve felt a panic attack coming, I’ve received an email from you on my phone. Sign from God? I say yes. I’ve had panic attacks since age 15 and I’m now 26 and pregnant with my first child. Panic is setting in. I’m scared to death at 6 months along. You are an inspiration. You’re gf must not suffer from panic disorder or she would want to spend just as much time on your site as you and the rest of us! Thanks for all you do. God bless!

  30. Sue W. says:

    Hi Geert,
    Tell your girlfriend that she needs to be very proud of you…I know this takes a lot of your time at the computer that you could spend with her, but you have helped so many people it is worth every minute…I have gotten so much help from your hard won wisdom, and have shared your site with two other family members and a friend, that I have recently discovered suffer from panic attacks…previous to you, that is something that we just didn’t talk about…I have actually missed family weddings due to the anxiety and panic…the family members and friend are so grateful that we have found you, and we will all be purchasing your course program very soon…Thanks You ever so much for the help…it has changed my world…Yours thankfully, Sue

  31. Phyl Tucker says:

    Hi Geert,
    Thank you so much for the great video and sharing your life with all of us. You are such a great help to everyone!!!! I hope you realize just how many lives you have touched. You are my hero!!!!!!! You have helped me love myself again and believe me that was a great deal to me after years of self-hatred because of this anxiety problem. I am getting better because of you and have been able to go through some things I wouldn’t have been able to go through without your help. I think your next step should be to write a book. I know I would buy it!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Phyl

  32. Craig Stokes says:

    Hello Geert.

    I would just like to express my appreciation to you for helping me finally discover what was going on in my life. I was getting to the point where i was beginning to think I would not be able to continue doing the things that I really enjoy. I coach my childrens hockey teams, and it was getting so bad i was having attacks during the games so intense i would have to remove myself from the game and leave to go home for the thought that i was having a heart attach and so on as you yourself of course know what i mean. It was beginnig to really effect every aspect of my life so intense that i was beginning to give up certain things that i loved just to stay in my home.
    It was a miracle that i come accross your website and it has definately changed my life, I still have mild panic attacks but i am definately better by a long ways and im learning to control them with your help thank you very much Geert you have no idea how much i appreciate what you have done for me.

    thanx again
    Craig S.

  33. Sandy says:

    Thank you Geert for sharing a piece of your private life and for your encouragement. It is truly a great thing when through your adversity you have acquired strength and what a wonderful person you are to share your testimony to encourage all of us that struggle to achieve what you have overcome. You are an inspiration and I am grateful.

    Everyday is a learning curve for me. This world is very deceptive and the lies we tell ourselves can be so damaging. I understand how important it is that I know my true self to be able to overcome my insecurities and not be controlled anymore by my environment.

    God bless you and your mission to help us understand.



  35. Lila McCay says:

    Thanks Geert for sharing your childhood memories & pictures of yourself.
    You certainly were a cute young lad. I couldn’t imagine having anxiety attacks at such a young age. It must have been very frightening. It was very frightening for me, and I didn’t start having them until I was 30 years old. At 49 years young, I still have problems with panic, and agoraphobia. I have not been financially able to purchase your course, but your emails and video clips have been a great help with conquering attacks for me. Thank you for taking the time to send me the emails and video clips. Thanks for passing on to others what you have learned. Your ability to teach others how to help themselves-a great big THANK YOU. I can only say I will look forward to the time when I can go through your complete program.

  36. Pam Miller says:

    Hi Geert……Isn’t it funny how a picture or a song on the radio or the smell of something cooking can bring back memories of our childhood and beyond? Like Lila….I began my panic attacks at age 40 and I turn 54 next month. I went through a separation in 2005 after being married for 28 years to an alcoholic . Panic attacks are only a breath away for most of us who are living with lots of stress (and who isn’t these days?)I, too, cannot afford to purchase your program at the present time…but I look forward to your emails etc. Keep up the great job!! You bring a smile and laughter to my day~

  37. Maria says:

    Hi Geert,

    Thanks for sharing the slide show! Such a cute little boy you were. Keep up the good work. Your e-mails sure help me deal with my anxiety more effectively.

    Thanks much,
    Maria 🙂

  38. nancy says:

    Hi Geert Just got access to the program!!! Love the pictures LOVE the dog. Is it Petite Griffon? Will be in touch

  39. Dan says:

    Hi Geert,

    You certainly add crediblity to your program with your genuine and honest nature. It is uplifting to realize that despite the years of desperate struggle and hopelessness that it may possible to achieve what you have. I thank you for your concern for others and wish dramatic progress for all who seek your guidance.

  40. Allasue says:

    Hello Geert,
    Thanking you for being that real and open.

  41. Hélène in Canada says:

    Bonjour Geert,

    Of course, I want to thank you for sharing you pictorial diary! You are very genuine and honest and I agree with all of the comments of my commiserating fellow anxiety sufferers above 🙂 I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve helped me.
    I have two questions about your photos: I started full-blown panic attacks as an adult, previously trained in phytotherapy and energy psychology, so I at least knew some things I could rule out, but you started as a little child, so my question is, what did you feel was happening to you that very first time, and 3 hours later when you had another one? Do you get a negative emotional response when you remember those incidents?
    Thanks seems a small word for all we would like to tell you.

  42. Erin says:

    Seeing your pictures gives me hope that this time of my life will one day soon be over and I can go back to being the person I used to be thank you so much!!

  43. Marta says:

    Hi Geert

    I start to cry after I saw your video, it´s full of hope, very inspiring.

    And you know one thing? It´s an incredible coincidence, because I´m triying hard to get a job in the advertising industry, it´s my challenge (I´m art director), and the Cannes Lions Festival is one of the places where I would like to be in my not so far future, relaxed, free of anxiety, having fun, and who knows? maybe with a gold lion in my hands!! ; )

    Thanks Geert for everything, it really worth your effort.
    Marta from Spain

  44. Charlotte says:

    I feel so honored to have had the privilage to share in your life experience. Such a beautiful, innocent, wide-eyed young man you were in that picture. And how so very unfortunate for you that you lost those 14 years to anxiety, panic and agoraphobia. Your ability to overcome your fears encourages me that I can do the same. Your kindness, strength and empathy towards others is so very uplifting. And I thank you so very much for being YOU! You’re incredible! And handsome too, by the way.
    Charlotte from Canada

  45. jeanette says:

    thank you Geert for sharing your cute pictures andabout your panic attacks…i hope one day i will be free from them too…xxoo

  46. Jill says:

    Hi Geert –

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures. It means more than you could ever possibly imagine. I’ve suffered from panic most of my life and of course had no idea since the first time I heard the phrase panic attack was in my 30’s. I am now 44 and am on session #7 and doing quite well. You have made a tremendous difference in my life! I love your videos and email updates which continue to make such a difference in my life.

    Take Care – Jill

  47. Camila says:

    Dear Geert – What a cute little boy, what a great Father, cool dog and good looking “ex” girlfriend. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and setting an example of what we can overcome and conquer. I’m still enjoying every new single day that I have thanks to your program and I see how people are overcoming and taming “Tony” everyday and I can only feel so happy and grateful for people as yourself. Loved the picutres, loved little Geert and the great young man he became. Thank you.

  48. Randy Cruz says:

    Geert you are one amazing and spectacular person and I appreciate all your efforts in helping others. Thank you greatly you inspire much.

  49. Virginia says:

    Hi Geert: I love your videos. They make me very happy. I ended up with panic attacks after a rental in my house in Ontario totally destroyed the place and made me go on welfare. It’s a bad story and I would shake and shake. So, I got desperate one day and did a search and found your website and that was the beginning of feeling better. Now I am off the anti-anxiety pills and trying to get it together at the age of 59. I wish I could buy your sessions but I am only living on $450/month right now. Thanks for the videos they have made me quite happy. Virginia

  50. kim van auken says:

    Wow thats so cool of you to share your private life, and experiances with others. I understand completely what you mean when certain things remind you of a a time that rather be forgotten but it also is good, because it shows how far you’ve come. Everything you have sent has been extremely helpful, although I’m still having ups and downs. I know that I will be ok ,and God is helping me ,and will heal me of this. I also believe God gave you this gift to help others! and thats awesome, He takes our pain and allows us to relate to eachother and therefore help eachother by our own suffering, we understand one another. Thank-you for your help and i look forward to learning more in my progression to healing.

  51. Diana says:

    Why do you have a girlfriend who does not understand how important your work is? You are a gifted, chosen individual! Doesn’t she realize this? Don’t you have a spiritual connection with her? I don’t understand. She should be so honored to be part of your life.

  52. Tricia Cook says:

    This is so special, thankyou for sharing this with us. You make such a difference to so many peoples life – just cant thank you enough. xx

  53. Doreen Moore says:

    You’ve come a long way. Everything can be possible with hard work.

  54. Noela Cubberley says:

    Geert….amazing, so honest and caring…Does my heart good to know there are beautiful people like you out there in the world. Thank you.x



  56. Owen Johnson says:

    This comment isn’t so much for Geert as it is for those who comment that they’re still suffering from panic and anxiety, especially those who take medications for it. Medications will never, ever cure your anxiety, they’re more likely to prevent you from curing it. What WILL cure it is a change in mindset, to one with a positive attitude, a sense of humor about your anxiety and finding and following your life purpose, which I believe is helping others. And not because you want them to like you, just because they need it. I’ve just described our young friend Geert, haven’t I?

    I no longer suffer from panic and anxiety attacks and take no meds. It’s all in our minds and we can use our minds to beat it! If you can get Geert’s course, get it. Beg, borrow or whatever you need to do. Life on the other side is SOOO worth it!

  57. Betty says:

    Hi Geert. Love your pictures. You should be so proud of yourself. I love when I get your little videos. They are so comforting, because as you know we anxiety sufferers think we are the only ones out here. I have good days and bad and i just keep thinking about the day i will be free from anxiety. Thank you so much for your helpful videos. I wish everyone pEACE. Betty Long Island NY

  58. Julia Mullen says:

    I thank you so very much for your information and the insights you come to notice about yourself. I have bad anxiety attacks every day but just to let you know I do not let it take my enjoyment away from me. At times though it makes me very sick and weak that I have to either go sit for awhile and meditate on positive things or depending if the severity at times I have to go lay down and rest to slow my heart down. That is hard to do at times but I work on slowing my breathing down and tell myself that I am ok and not to panic. I do so much want to buy your cd’s but at the moment I am unable to afford them. For now I just keep the short clips and go back to them to give me a little reminder of what is going on with my body and that I am ok. I have noticed that my children have anxiety attacks too (it also becomes a learned behavior in children). My children come to me and tell me what is wrong and I tell them what it is and that they are ok and I look for the information on what is causing it for them. I also share the information from your clips so they can learn to deal with their anxiety attacks now in life instead of later. I am now 38yrs and soon to be 39. I had my first anxiety attack when I was 4yrs old. What a life huh…But like I said I do not allow it to stop my enjoyment in life. One of the things I have to work on though is for when I drive. At times I cannot drive at all. I have blacked out at the wheel due to some of my attacks my children have been with me and to see the fear in their eyes I don’t drive as much. But don’t think I have completely stopped trying. I love driving it is the matter whether I put the safety of my children at risk. So sometimes I have another person in the vehicle that has a license to come with me at times when I feel indifferent. But I hate it when the other person has to take over. Then the positive thing about it is that I will get over this.

  59. Jessica Poe says:

    Geert, words cannot describe how greatful i am for you to take the time to do the cd’s for people…i have had panic attacks since i was 18 when my daughter passed away….i always think there is somthing wrong with me…it got worse within this last year, right after my lazik eye surgery! but when i started listening to the Cd’s i started feeling so much better…no im not completly free of my panic attacks but they have lightend up alot…i still have about 4 weeks to go though so im hoping to be free atlast once im finished….so to your girlfriend, please dont be mad that he spends so much time on this be happy that he is helping so many people….We love him for everything he has done!

  60. Caroline says:

    Hi Greet,

    Thank you so much for this video. It was great and very touching. I love all your stories and always looking forward to your email. Thank you for taking the time to do all these cds and videos for everyone. You are a great comfort and your girlfriend is lucky to have someone who is so caring and selfless.

  61. Alexandra says:

    Hello Geert, first of all i want to say that watching your videos realy helped me , i had panic attacks for 9 years, tried everything and nothing worked till the day i found you and then i realised that the answer was so simple:”whatever happens it is okay” and you made me truly believe this , today everytime i feel a little bit anxious i stop it right now! You will never know how much you helped me, i will never forget you for as long as i live and i just hope you have a great life in the future and continue to help many others. Alexandra, Portugal

  62. Patti says:

    Hi Geert, I heard about you through a friend and I referred you to my daughter who suffers panic attacks. As a mother, not being able to help my daughter I am so very grateful that you are there. I don’t know if she watches your videos, I think she does, she has told me she does. Thank you for sharing your life and wonderful advice. You are her angle in disguise.

  63. Russell says:

    I can’t explain my issues very well or tell anyone how they started I am just at a loss. This video is very strong very powerful & well done. I commend you Geert I am not sure I have the strength left to deal with issues the way you do but I wish I did. My biggest issue right now is how I affect those around me. If for no other reason I want things to change for them maybe make things right or to repair any damage done. We are very much alike so I am sure you understand when I say that. I’ve burned most all my bridges so to speak except for the ones made of metal because of my issues & my actions. Never was ill intent meant to anyone it just seems my problems took control & that is what hurts the most. I am just lucky to have the friends I have that stuck by me through the worst moments of my life & remain by my side. For anyone out there who still ponders what they should do or how to deal with their problems just stop for a moment & look around you’re life is meant to be lived not feared & the time spent fearing life you can’t get it back so look foward & try to let those who care about you help you. I have to say Geert you have a great spirit & it carries over to all of us. I think I speak for more than myself when I say thank you for you’re time & effort. It’s a amazing to me what you are doing & sharing you’re experiences have helped me in more ways than even I may know right now. Since I started on you’re mailing list I have done many things & gone many places I wouldn’t have considered a year ago for that matter many years before. Before I felt I had no time to search for answers or even think about a tomorrow for my fear of today. So I will go now & leave with one more thank you with the help of friends & people (a friend) like you I myself can fear today & tomorrow’s a little less.

  64. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, Geert. I truly enjoyed looking at them as you told your story. You and your little sister were so cute! It’s so good to know that you are panic attack free now, and that there is hope for the rest of us.
    Thanks again, Yvonne.

  65. Nancy says:

    Hey,Geert that was nice of you to share a little of your personal life. I t was great that you were able to overcome your panick attacks and now be able to share with everyone. Thanks.

  66. Melissa says:

    Hi Geert, thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your personal story. I have been helped tremendously by all of the e-mails you have sent me over the months, thank you for still sending them even though I have not purchased your sessions. You are an amazing person whom I admire and respect for all you do to help others in this crazy world we live in. I am so grateful for finding you when I did, I have drawn a lot of strengh from you in dealing with my anxiety issues. With Thanks and Gratitude, Melissa

  67. Debbie says:

    Thank you so much Geert,for sharing this video with us.It’s so comforting to have your support.
    Please tell your girlfriend,that we need you too!!

  68. Marylou says:

    Hey Geert, I always like to get your videos. My husband was in the room when I started to watch this video and therefore he had been watching it with me when you said to not share it with anyone. kind of too late. I had asked him to look at some of your pictures,because I felt that he had looked somewhat like you when he was a child.
    I REALLY appreciate your videos and whenever you send me a message I try and read it as soon as possable if not before. I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety attacks, so I can identify with the things you are talking about. In the State I live in instead of giving personal therapists to eachperson, we have what is called Peer Support and we rey and work together to solve our own problems. Most of us or really all of us are dirt poor. No one has a regular job or if they do it is very, very minimally paid. Like I am probably the richest person in the group, because I have an income coming in -Social Security. What I guess I am getting at is there anyway that if and when I get enough income coming in, can Ishare your videoes with other members of my class?? I know hwere in the USA that is supposed to be ok, but I felt I would need to ask you first.As I am trying to say most of mypeople are homeless people who can’t afford to buy your CD’s.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving us the HOPE that there is a way out for us who have panic and anxiety attacks. I REALLY appreciate the information that you do send out.

  69. Kris says:

    Hey Geert,

    Just wanted to say how nice of a guy you are. Your videos are truly inspiring,

    lots of love!

  70. Annette says:

    Very nice video, Geert, showing a positive view of how one can overcome panic attacks despite their devastating effects.

    P.S. You are quite the ladies’ man 🙂

  71. Preston says:

    Thanks for your bravery and your willingness to share your life story with people who need encouragement. I suffer from these same panic issues that you’ve had and it gives me hope that maybe a day in the not to distant future I’ll be free of this burden. Again thank you and be blessed..

  72. Carol Stewart says:

    You brought tears, I knew just how you felt as a child. I to was a normal little girl with dreams, and they left when I was about 20,I really think there were signs as a child, I just blew them off, like I should do now. There is so much of this anxiety in my family that I feel it is an inherited trait, and I can spot it right away. Thank GOd you are better and beat the beast, I hope it works for all of us. Thank you for taking time out of your life to help, your words are something I hold on to many times. There is not much support for us, but you give it and I appriciate it.

  73. Johnnieg says:

    Hi Geert,
    Enjoyed your pictures very much .Now while listening to your tapes there is a visual of you we had not seen before. I think this makes it easier seeing how you look and progressed.
    Thanks for everything Geert . For the first time since the mid 90’s and many different courses , I finally made it .I know it .
    I am finished with session 14 today and will now review all the sessions again
    You know Geert , you helped a man 75 years old get his life back .Thanks again.It is never to late.

  74. Niall says:

    Thanks for sharing that Geert. It was encouraging.
    I’m glad you found happiness. You deserve it.

  75. Kathy - Illinois says:

    Hello again Geert!! What an adorable little boy you were. I’m so sorry you had to suffer with panic attacks, but if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in a position to help the many of us that have suffered too. I have completed your course. Your teachings have transformed my life! As I have told you previously, your program is similar to RECOVERY, Inc., but with an entirely new spin on it, and it has helped me so much! Please tell your girlfriend that she should be VERY proud of you, assisting so many people worldwide in conquering our panicy feelings. God bless your work!!

  76. Jacqueline Schmidt says:


    Just wanted you to know I am ready to start #3 and already I have noticed a definite improvement. Went to my dr. of Friday and he said I was like a different person and very impressed with my attitude and confidence, he said he wanted to know where I got the program so he can recommend it to others. Anyway you have given me so much confidence only with the 2 cd’s that I am on a new medicine to quit smoking, before I would have never had the courage to even think about it, but I have the attitude of what ever happens it’s ok, so if I quit that’s great if I don’t I will just have to try again later. It’s all baby steps. I can’t wait to go on to more cd’s since I am already doing way more than I ever have without even thinking about it. Oh and have lost 7 pounds with the 20 mins of moving each day. Thank you for giving me another chance at happiness. Oh I’m almost 47 years old and been suffering panic attacks since I was 29,

    Thanks again
    Jackie Schmidt

  77. John Powell says:

    Dear Geert,
    I have not yet been fortunate enough to purchase your program. Sorry to say, but money is hard right now for many people. I have had Panic attacks off and on for years. They are chaotic at best, and my heart goes out to everyone who suffers. But then one day i stumble upon your site, and let me just say: WOW! To see a young man giving so much of himself to better others. There is no other higher purpose or calling in life. i commend you, and stand in awe of you. Now, to offer my life’s experience advice on panic attacks…. First of all, never give up. never let it control you. Whats worked for me over and over again for years is when they start to come on regularly, i force myself into social situations. like you to eligantly pointed out that there was no pictures of your life… simply put, make time for the pictures. yes i know its so hard at first, and the panic attacks with rear their angry heads… but ive found with me and so many others…. its nearly and instant (band-aid) cure… it helps you get through weeks and months and be attack free. Might help during the cd course.
    When i can afford the course, im there….

    Have a successful day
    John T. Powell

  78. Betty Chilton says:

    Good Evening Geert…..Thank you for allowing me to come into your life and realize what you went through. You were a handsome young boy and you still look handsome,even after going thru what you have, just like your beautiful sister. Life must have been very difficut once you started Panic Attacks, but with your intelligence and God’s help you made it, and have helped so many others.The photo of the ocean is incredible and just looking at it I can see how it helped you.I wish you continued peace and contentment in your life and May God Be With You Always to keep the dark clouds away. Take care and goodnight.

  79. Betty Chilton says:

    Good Evening Geert…..Thank you for allowing me to share your life and realize what you went through. You and your sister looked just alike. You were a handsome young boy,even after going thru what you did. Life must have been very difficut once you started Panic Attacks, but with your intelligence and God’s help you made it, and have helped so many others.The photo of the ocean is incredible and just looking at it I can see how it helped you.I wish you continued peace and contentment in your life and May God Be With You Always to keep the dark clouds away. Take care and goodnight.

  80. Dawn says:

    Hi Geert,

    I am on week 10 of your course. I should be a little further along but have gone back to listen to a few. I only started having attacks a year and a half ago. I’ve always been a nervous person and stressed but there are things going on in my life that caused that to magnify. My mother has Altzheimers and I was an administrator. Since then I gave up administration. Your sessions are truly a blessing. I have tried to talk a friend of mine into getting them as well. My attacks mainly come out in the middle of the night while sleeping soundly or while driving in the same exact places. There are three places I drive that trigger them. I have concord one place and am working on the other two and my night time attacks are gone. I think it is the relaxation session. I worry a lot in the car because its dangerous to have attacks while driving. If you have any advice especially for driving situations I would appreciate it. I use the Tsunami Method alot. My 11 year old son talks me through the steps. They have helped him too because he takes after me. THANKS ALOT!

  81. Donny says:

    Hi Geert,

    It’s very brave and kind of your part to show your intimate life. I really admire you. I haven’t been through your course but I enjoy watching your videos and your tips really help. I wonder, how could you ever made a trip to the US alone with all that generalized anxiety and panic attacks?? Were you on medications at that time?

    Thanks, keep up the good work! Godbless.

  82. clive says:

    Hi Geert,
    Thank you for letting us all into your private life, you have come a long way since you were nine years old , what a wounderful story and well done for all you have done.
    I am still working hard at my own personal story but am getting there, your cd’s do help and also your video and tips on dealing with panick attacks.

    warm regards Clive

  83. Dee Dee Samp says:

    Hi Geert,

    I appreciate you, so much. I am a Therapist Intern, here in the South Bay, California. I do not have panic attacks. However, I have clients that have panic attacks and I refer them to your website. They report that they find you are helpful, I admire you very much, Geert, and I am glad that you are so willing to share your techniques and journey with others. Your girlfriend is blessed to have you in her life, Please tell her that it is important to share you with the world because you are helping so many who suffer needlessly.

  84. Don says:

    Geert, are you a good public speaker? If so, did you take speech classes or did you just learn from doing. I’m pretty good one-on-one but I’m “petrified” of public speaking. My heart rate rises and my thoughts start racing and I don’t think clearly. Once I get over the initial shock of being the center of attention, I eventually calm down and I feel more comfortable with public speaking. In fact, I think (I know) I’m really a ham so I actually enjoy the attention. Like you, my parents divorced when I was very young. I was also an over-weight child so that didn’t help my self image when I was growing up. Anyhow, I appreciate your thoughts and I anticipate your feedback. -D

  85. Louise Bradshaw says:

    I wanted to say that your e-mails have been a life-line to me. They have given me hope that one day I too will beable to put this dark time behind me. From August to December I was awake eevry evening, awoken from sleep believing I was having a heart attack, I would collapse, be in and out of consciousness, be shivering, sweating and be either on the loo or banked over it.Between Christmas and New Year I was too terrified to get out of bed, I found your video with you and your plant and I could really relate to you. I have implemented you techniques and I am getting much better. I still have a way to go. Its sooo frustrating. :-/ PLEASE DON’T STOP YOUR GOOD WONDERFUL WORK, You are a life- line to some people like me and my 5 kids who rely on me to keep going. THANK YOU 🙂 xx Louise, Hampton, UK

  86. Ruth says:

    What awsome courage it takes to share with us your personal demons. I still struggle today with attacks but with a different attitude. when they come i just work through them and I feel them before they start so I get a much better handle on it. Thanks for making your videos. it’s been very helpful. Ruth

  87. Patti M. says:

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me. I am on session 12 now. Your program has helped me immensely. I do still have my bad days. But I can’t believe the improvement in myself. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping the people like us. Patti M.

  88. Holly says:

    Hi Geert,
    Thank you so much for sharing………it gives us all hope…..I am listening to your program for a second time and I am feeling better all the time………I know we all have the power to change our lives and with your program and one foot infront of the other we will get there…..
    Truly grateful for you and your program…..

  89. Gayle says:

    Thank u for the emails. I really enjoy them. They keep me positive. I have ordered many programs before and none have really worked so I’m still reluctant. So, that is why I really enjoy the emails so one day I may get brave enough to try your program.

  90. Veronica says:

    Hi Geert,

    Thank you for your e-mails.
    You were as a child, and still are a very good looking man! Thanks for sharing! There isn’t a better feeling than not feeling alone.
    I’ve suffer from panic attacks for over two decades, tried everything, but what’s helping is breathing yoga, meditation, CBT, and YOUR E-MAILS is hard work, but this time I am not giving up to fall again in another crisis of panic and depression. I lost my job months ago, ( my fears had to do a lot with it) and that’s why I haven’t bought your program I simply can’t afford it.
    Please don’t stop sending your e-mails they keep me focused and positive.
    Congratulations on alll your success. Thank you!

  91. Linda R. Diaz says:

    Hi Geert,

    Thank you for sharing your private life with us; you are such a loving individual and a blessing to the world!

    I am doing the program over again, as I did benefit from it the first time, however, there are some fears left over. Considering that I’ve dealt with this for over 36 years, I am very encouraged.

    I cannot thank you enough for your generosity of heart and soul! Your girlfriend must be very special to have caught your eye! I wish you both much happiness.

    Blessings and Love,
    Linda R. Diaz

  92. Abdallah says:

    I’m really happy that you’ve found your destiny Geert. You’ve honestly changed peoples lives and you continue to do the works which doctors couldn’t. My God I used to hate it so much when doctors couldn’t solve anything. You are my doctor for solving my personal mysterious panicking and symptoms which I had no clue to what was happening. I would get a panic attack till its full blown in every public situations and I would just let it happen because I thought it was part of me, but it wasn’t. I’m grateful God led me to you. God bless you for all your works! I never had a panic attack since your program or at least if I were to get one I know how to control it, not control me. I think I can control every type of fears now because I know the solution. Wow, this solution has no limit if you manged to use it on anything.
    But I’m still stuck on session 7 and I know I will continue to conquer my remaining anxiousness.

  93. Cindy says:

    I’m so excited about your program. I’m on week 7. It is a difficult session, but God has made me a conqueror of my fears. :o) Thank you SO much for your program. Buying your sessions has been one of the best things I’ve doen for the panic attacks! I am getting out little by little. I’ve cut out aspartame, caffeine and MSG. I was shocked to find what has MSG and aspartame in it. I read food labels now. God Bless you Geert!
    Cindy :o)

  94. Veronica Hernlem says:

    Again and Always Geert…thank you so much for sharing! It takes a strong and giving spirit to continue to lay your personal life/self out there and show those vulnerabilities to everyone. On my own personal note, in these last 6yrs, I have struggled with health and relationship issues within my marriage that I have seen effect my outside/family relationships and those of my two young daughters. It is so difficult when you are going through daily life struggles, to still remember that, regardless of how alone and insignificant you feel your life and actions are…every pebble/person makes a ripple. It is nice on a stormy day/night to open up my email and see/view something that is specifically meant to help calm my life. Rest assured that if I find anyone else..including my daughters as they grow..who need or are looking for a calm port, I too will continue to share your name and your ^ wise personal program/messages!

  95. Vanessa Scott says:

    Thank you sooo much for sharing personal photos with us. It means a lot. I finished your program about four months ago. I’m telling you……you saved my life. No one else could get through to me the way you have. I’m sure my therapist thinks she should get all the credit. I don’t have the heart to tell her she had NOTHING to do with it. It is a miracle that I found your program. My anxieties are almost a memory for me now as well. I still have to use your techniques and hear your voice in my head every once in a while but very seldom. Please keep up the good work, maybe one day everyone can be as cool and calm as we are!

  96. Carol Stewart says:

    Thank God every day that you and Greet can enjoy life together, phobias are hell you think of having an attack at all times, never a moments peace. Be proud that he cares enough to try and help others, he know what it’s like and I’ll bet sometimes it is not easy for him to re- live through other’s problems. Thank you Greet you are a special person, bless you. Carol

  97. KC says:

    Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your personal life. I want to first write that I enjoyed your cd course and have come a long way from where I was back in 2010 when my panic attacks started. When I had my first panic attack (at work) I didn’t even know it was a panic attack, and didn’t know what to do. Today, I live my life using a lot of your techniques and when I need to refresh my mind I listen to your cd’s again. You have inspired me so much, I started to go to places I would never dare of going before. I also started my own support group for panic attacks here in the USA, which is working out great! I’m encouraging everyone to buy your program who suffers from panic attacks and I always say “his course is the solution!!” I tell my group members that they need to be motivated to do something about it, so I’m always so grateful that I came across this web site and I’m also happy that you developed this course to help people! I like how real you are, there are a lot of programs online that don’t feel so real and seem like a scam. Thank you so much Geert!

    I will post a video testimonial this week.


  98. lois says:

    oh Geert…you are an amazing young man, you have not only taken charge of your own life you have changed mine as well. We will probably never meet face to face but you have been the biggest influence in my life. You haved freed me from my own prison and have given me the gift of true happiness. I think of you everyday and I hear your voice in my head every second of every day telling me to move forward, it’s going to be okay. I can calm myself with my breath and I am automatically saying positive things to myself instead of negative things without even realizing it. Don’t ever stop reaching out to people, you will change the world…! You have my greatest admiration and respect. Lois

  99. Ellen says:

    Dear Geert’s girlfriend – Ditto to every comment from above. This one is for you. Please do not get upset with Geert for all the time he has spent on us. He helped us save our own sanity and our own lives. We are now living, not just existing. He has taught us the steps we needed to take to conquer our fears and he did it with great humor, compassion and a love for strangers that are walking in the same shoes he walked. I am 61 years old and have been suffering since I was 31 years old UNTIL 2 years ago when I discovered Geert’s program. It wasn’t easy but it worked and Geert held our hands and encouraged us the entire way. God bless both of you. Ellen

  100. Caroline says:

    Hi Geert

    Thank you for the insight of your personal life. At the moment I am on session 3 listening to it with my husband for support. I’d like to thank you so far for making me realise there can be life without panic and that I’m not on my own. Watch this space for an update

    Thank you

  101. Patricia says:

    Hi Gert, I loved your pics, so very european. I have been receiving your tips on how to stop panic attacks, I was able to actually drive out of town last year thanks to one of those tips. After that I had a really bad panic attack that took about two weeks to recover from, but a year later I can say that it has gotten better so, thank you for that info.

    Keep up the good work,


  102. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for this video, Geert. They always seem to come at just the right time. I look forward to more!

  103. Joanne says:

    Oh Geert, That was lovely to watch! I feel hope every time I listen to you! Thank you eternally!! xx

  104. Danielle says:

    You are an incredible human being. Regardless of whether I ever fully recover from anxiety or not, I could never thank you enough for what you have given me. I have battled for 15 years with anxiety and have times when I feel really strong and able, and times where I fall off the wagon. Your emails, your cd course and your whole outlook on life and your encouragement are a true inspiration. God bless you Geert and thank you so much.

    Danielle ( Melbourne Australia)

  105. Steve says:

    That’s so much for sharing your personal life. I takes a special person to take time out to help others. Your audio sessions have turn my life around. I never had a solid foundation for support until listening to you. I write my personal diary ever few days as you recommended. It a good feeling to look back on days that are good or bad. My 8 year old daughter has been having some anxiety issue. I using you teaching to help her and its working. Sometimes I’m glad I’ve had this problem so I can make sure she lives a life free of worry and anxiety. You are a great person. Thanks so much.

  106. Jack says:

    Geert, Thank you for your course and help. What you are doing for others is masterful. It is our work to solve our problems, but without what you offer I would be totally lost. Thank you. Jack (Delhi, NY)

  107. Karen Hall says:

    Thank you so much Geert, i cant thank you enough for all your help with your book and audio program. after 32 years with anxiety i am finally free! You have a special gift, thank you for sharing. Karen

  108. rob says:

    thanks for everything geert. its like i m stuck in a prison in the first couple of months when this started. thanks for you i learned about how to fight against anxiety tiger. your videos are like a medicine for us. keep doing it god bless you.

  109. Lindsey says:

    Your personality is one of the reasons why your audio course is so successful I’m sure, such a funny and easy going guy! Love your dry sense of humour (ie. that was fun etc) and of course what more of an inspiration do we need than you. I really look forward to getting your e mails. I have started doing CBT to try and relieve my constant anxiety and have heard great things about it, but if I don’t achieve the results I want from that I will definitely be ordering your audio course. Thank you for caring enough to help others!

  110. MM says:

    Hi Geert
    I always follow your video from first video until the last video. Today i want to say that you do a great job to inspiring peoples. I really enjoy this video…and one thing in my mind is ”Move on”. Thank you very much ..GBU

  111. Stephanie says:


    Your work is so very important…….if your girlfriend does not realize this it may be time to rethink the relationship. I see you involved with someone as loving and sensitive as yourself. Don’t settle for less.


  112. Janette B. says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing your personal life with us. You are such a special person to be helping so many of us through our lives of anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia. I am on week 12 of your program and although I am not yet panic free, have made great progress in finally being able to conquer my condition of panic disorder with agoraphobia which I have suffered with for 46 years. They started when I was only 11 years old and I too, do not have many pictures after that age. I have been housebound several times throughout the years and don’t ever want to go back to that. With your encouragement and program, I believe I will be able to finally live my life. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I will never give up on becoming the person I imagine I can be. You are such an inspiration to me and am so glad I found your program because I was giving up on myself and my life. My best to your girlfriend. Take care.

  113. Sofia says:

    Geert, just three words: God Bless You!
    I feel so lucky that I found you.. You are a Genius!
    Thank you for sharing this with us. After all, you are our best friend..Your voice guides me through day..and it says..°whatever happens it’s okay°!!!

    I am so glad for you, for all your achievements..I am so glad that you have a great life now..After all, a human being like you could only deserve this!

  114. Elise says:

    Thank you Geert. It sucks having panic attacks. I am very stubborn and do it anyway. I have been having less and less with your audio sessions. I told you I was so excited that I could get on the ski lift without a panic attack. That was a turning point. It made me realize that I could overcome this. Love Elise

  115. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video and sharing these private moments with us! Your audio book has done so much for me and I deeply appreciate how much time and effort you’ve put into your products. You emails are one of the very few subscriptions I enjoy receiving and will not be unsubscribing to any time soon.

  116. Laura says:

    Hi Geert! Thanks for sharing this video, I loved it. I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic for about 30 years. Most of that time I was fine, but I had several episodes when the anxiety tiger showed up during those years. I mostly did breathing exercises and just pushed through those times. Then recently I read your book. Then I took your audio course. And now I have a MUCH better understanding of the what, why and how the anxiety is happening and how to tackle it. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all your help. I truly hope you know how much you’ve helped me, and I’m sure many others.

    BTW, I have a 2000 BMW Z3. 🙂

  117. Alessandro says:

    Thank you Gert. I tried your course and it has helped so much. I no longer feel anxious and look at things very differently now. You have honestly been a great help so far.
    Thank you!!

  118. Mike says:

    Thank you Geert, you are such an inpiration, and such a help, a life saver!!

  119. Ruth says:

    I can’t help but think that as hard as your many years of panic attacks and discomfort were, that without them, you would never have been able to help as many people as you have. You helped me thru a very scary time when I was struggling w anxiety and I will be forever grateful. So thank you to you for sharing your life with us and in turn, helping so many people kick panic and anxiety to the curb!

  120. Amy W. says:

    Thank you Geert for being such an inspiration to me and to so many other people throughout the world. Your course has helped me so much to learn to control the fear and anxiety that I have suffered with for years. I was struggling some today and getting this video of your life and seeing you so happy now has reinforced in me that it is possible to overcome this. Thank you for all the time you have spent on helping others. I truly feel like you are on this journey with me and that I am not alone. God bless you!

  121. Ann says:

    I hope you see this comment.
    Your course has helped me more than two years of therapy.

    I’m dealing with a chronic disease that has physical symptoms similar to panic disorder, but I also have panic disorder lol

    This course helped me distinguish better between the two and has improved my mental health a lot.

    Thank you so much.

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