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  1. Jason says:

    You’re so right about this! I’ve tried many therapists before and none of them could help me. I’m sure the good ones are out there somewhere, but they’re so hard to find!

    I’m glad I found you Geert! Your program is phenomenal. Some of the things you talk about weren’t new to me, but it was the first time I actually understood it 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    You always make me smile! I love your videos.

  3. Penny Millian says:

    Hi Geert and everyone else, it’s Penny Millian from the UK.

    I’m 56 years old so this internet thing still feels new to me but I don’t know where to start to thank you Geert.

    I had been looking for a solution for more than 25 years!!! If I would sum up all the money I spent on therapists etc I would be able to buy a house I’m sure.

    As for the program, I’m still in the free trial period, but I like the sessions so much I’ll stick to them. The way you explain things is so refreshing I actually know what to do now when I feel the panic coming.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone else!

  4. jordon uk says:

    i think you are totally correct in saying that people who experience anxiety are better at teaching tactics on how to deal with it, you are a genious and its great that there are people out there like yourself who want to help other people. i have only listened to your free advice so far and its improved my life so much, ive ordered your cd course and cant wait to start thanks alot for your help

  5. les says:

    Hi geert thanks for the video …really like the way you explain things.. and its great too see that you can beat this horrible feeling …les

  6. kapena says:

    aloha geert! ive tried your tips about using humor to stop anxiety….and it works! i also laugh alot more now. THank you geert! -kapena

  7. Camila says:

    Hi there Geert! Greetings from Florida! I have already ordered your videos and I can’t wait to get them because I have felt a lot better by just listening to your free advice. I am so glad that you are doing this and if it were up to me, I would give you the Nobel Prize. I had my panic attacks 20 years ago and now they are back. I have not identified my “tiger”(triger) yet but its ok, If I did it once, I can do it again and without so many years of therapists and medication, etc. I have improved a LOT just with your free videos already. Thank you!

  8. Khrag says:

    I tried just saying to myself I love panic attacks and I love anxiety, and havent had either yet. I deduced that from the title of the website that the way one thinks must be both the cause and the solution. I am most intrigued by this phenomenon, it prevented me from continuing school, holding certain jobs, socialising, and now not being able to drive, which is where I had to draw the line. Thanks so far.

  9. Charlotte says:

    Thanks Geert, I am now at the point where I am no longer having panic attacks but after having them for nearly half my life, I have ‘residual’ worries about my ability to keep them at bay for good. I’m looking forward to learning more from you so that I can develop the skills needed to ensure my life is panic attack free!

  10. Lori says:

    hi i have been e-mailing Geert for about 3 months now and i do have severe panic attacts my dr gave me alot of meds but no support i am weaning myself off some meds on my own and take it from me its not easy but im so tired of having to reley every day that i cant do the things other people can i give great thanks to Geert he is my support system and for all out there who look to him for help DONT STOP sincerly Lori

  11. jack says:

    I love your “stupid” methods, they all work. : )

  12. Michele says:

    Hello Geert,

    I’ve been reading your emails and watching your free videos. I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD and suffer severe panic attacks, from years of abuse.
    I was wondering if you feel your sessions would be able to help me. I will be going to a therapist and was considering hypnotherapy, atleast my health insurance will help pay for that. I also invested a considerable amount of money for another “get rid of your panic attacks” program that did absolutely nothing because all it ended up being is a bunch of people talking to each other.
    Due to financial reasons, I’m not able to afford your sessions. But I would like your opinion as to whether or not they would be geared towards people with my diagnosis.

  13. Geert says:

    Hi Michele, the sessios are able to help you when YOU feel they are able to help you. How do you feel when you watch the videos, read the mails etc… if you feel better, then the program can considerably reinforce that.

    Also, please remember you can start the program for free and you can still cancel it before you pay if you would feel it’s not very good. Even after the payments you can ask them back but only one person of the 3347 that have followed the program up until this date did that.

    So one things I promise you, this will not be a waste of your money, and who knows, the solution you have been looking for.

  14. Rekahyah says:


  15. el Bradenton says:

    Geert Just watched your hypnosis accupuncture etc. video You have another calling(as we say in the US) To be a stand-up comedian My next line of apparel should maybe say… LOVE MY ANXIETY-PANIC ATTACKS? ME TOO!
    See you when I see you el

  16. Tracie D says:

    Your video had perfect timing! Just last night I was reviewing area hypnotist and possible treatments. Obviously now I will be looking more inward for my solutions. I have changed my diet/foods I eat…now the journey in my head begins. Good thing I have a good sense of humor!

  17. mat says:

    Hi Geert,

    I like the videos i have seen so far, you seem to genuinely understand the conditions you speak about and this coupled with your warm and humorous demeanor makes your videos very enjoyable and informative to watch.

    I have a question. I have rarely found anything published regarding my particular anxiety disorder. It involves becoming ‘stuck’ on thoughts and being fearful of being stuck on them in social situations. The thoughts themselves are not terrible neccesarily, such as fear of dying or something, it is more that they are complex and hard to understand.

    Things seem to happen as follows. If I have a social engagement or something in which I am fearful of becoming stuck on a thought, I become anxious, then, when I have a thought, I becoime concerned that I need to understand the thought completely, often I will dwell on understanding the thought, typically until I am satisfied with the thought to such an extent that I can let it go, in which case i will feel ‘free’ of thoughts and capable of social interaction, until the next thought comes along of course :). Anyway, i have developed an decent ability to face a few social situations even when these ‘stuck’ thoughts are present, however the question to me remains – is the thought worth dwelling on or is it better to leave it be and just live and face my social obligations etc. I’m sure it sounds ridiculous but there it is. If you can shed any light, or if your videos availible for purchase contain the answer to the greatest problem in my life, I will of course buy them at the drop of a hat and will be indebted to you beyond measure.

    Thanks and respect,


  18. RMG says:

    I love your approach to this, including the Anthony Robbins references. I need to get the whole course ordered as I have suffered from anxiety for many years, and anxiety has definitely kept me from taking risks, and accomplishing more. Thanks for offering your help to all of us, I so want to be rid of this burden.


  19. susan says:

    Hi Geert: I am from Thornton Colordo these videos are realy helping me understand what I have been going though all these years I thought that I was just a strange person, growing up I hated school so much I would cut class because of fear, being around class mates and teachers, at work I try my best to avoid people so I wont get a panic attack my face always turns red when I get these. Also I have been drinking coffee since I was 12 years old I want to quit its just so hard I have been cutting back some day I will stop completely. Thank you so much.

  20. Brian says:

    Hey Geert, i’m hoping you might be able to help……..I’ve signed up for your program but am wondering if you have received my info? please let me know either way. I’m 27 and have been suffering for 10 yrs now and to date you are the only person that i can sit back and say ‘Finally, someone knows what I’m talking about!!!!!’. For the 1st time i can actually say to myself that your course is the answer! you have already lifted an enourmous weight from my shoulders because apart from living with the attacks, there’s also the fear of never being able to find a ‘remedy’ or ‘cure’. Hopefully you can get back to me, but either way i just want to say THANK YOU

  21. jacques says:

    Hi Geert
    All you talked about on this video are known to me.
    However I, still have futher progress to reach your wellness level.
    Your words give hope that I, to can ge better.
    Your truly: Jacques.

  22. karen mc donnell says:

    Hello Geert..
    I really am thinking about buying your audio course if so many people have been saying it has helped them out.
    I really wish it could be so easy to laugh these off..
    Everywere i go i think about another panic attck coming on and it is ruining my life compleatly..Inever want to leave my house anymore or go to places i dont know a lot about.I hate getting the bus to college because i start to feel im not in control if i wanna get off the bus right there and then when for example it is stuck in traffic for a long time i start to feel anxious for no reason that wat if i can not leave this bus now so i start to panic..or social outtings with friends i get up randomly and walk out of the room and i hate the way this is making my life..and the way it is making me feel.But from the videos i have watched i have found very helpful.thank you so much for all of your help.i really appriciate it..

  23. peggy says:

    You are such a wonderful person for sharing so much insight and advice for this matter.. I check my emails everyday to see what else you will be sending. Thank you so much for all you do!!

  24. Ben Price says:

    I have found this very helpful and interesting. I would like to buy the course but I do not use a credit card so is there some way I can pay with a cheque, postal order or cash. I live in Ireland. Thank you

  25. Alisha says:

    Dear Geert,

    hey, I would just like to start out by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have had Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and severe anxiety attacks since I was in 2nd grade, yes I am still in school, 10th grade, but I’ve missed a ton of school, (like half of the second grade) events, friends birthday parties, school field trips, sleep overs, and just living life like a kid should in general. I was reading some of the comments beneath these videos and I saw someone posted that they have had anxiety for like 40 years, and I thought of how horrible I feel when I have bad anxiety, and how I really didn’t want to feel like that for the rest of my life, so I’ve been pushing myself to change. I always thought I would never be able to do anything I wanted because I was letting anxiety control my life. I would stay home so that I wouldn’t have to worry about that ill feeling with others. I completely isolated myself and lost nearly all my friends. I missed out on a lot already and I have too many regrets in life, so this year I have been making a lot of changes to try and live my life the way I want it to be. I’ve been watching your videos and listening to your emails for a while now and the tips have helped. I’ve been prescribed depression medicine from my doctor, but that wasn’t the problem. I’ve tried therapy for a long while, but he’s never had an anxiety attack before and he had no clue what to tell me or what it felt like. When you tell me about how you use to feel, I’m amazed someone knows exactly how I feel. Where I live, it seems pretty much no one knows what anxiety even is so it’s hard to deal with something people don’t know about or can see. In the past I use to get at least one big anxiety attack a day. Now I have not had an anxiety attack in over 2 month’s and I’m loving this feeling. They just didn’t stop right away, it actually took a lot of time to get through this. I’m in school clubs now, I have a lot more friends, I’m not afraid to go out, and when I feel like I’m about to have that ill feeling I tell myself, “this is something I have to get over, I know it doesn’t feel good right now, but I WILL GET BETTER. So what if anything happens, because it won’t be forever.” I had to keep telling myself this and after a while they started slowing down until now when I HAVE BEEN BETTER. I am getting out their and tying new things. I actually found Geert through a link on a site I was looking at to go indoor skydiving. So thank you Geert for making your videos you really have inspired me to make change, and live life without anxiety. Thank you!


  26. John says:

    Dear Geert:
    Thanks for posting your VERY informative videos as they’ve been a great help to me (and others I’m sure). It’s nice to hear someone who has actually gone through the torture of living with anxiety and know you’ve made it through to the other side safe and sound. I’ve read countless books on this puzzling subject over the nearly four decades that I’ve suffered with it. My anxiety seems to get worse and worse with each passing year to the point that I’m almost housebound now and have lost all social contact with friends, family, activities, etc. I’ve also lost a lot of interest in the things I used to like to do. I am very afraid of where this is all going as the joy has been stripped away from my life. I get very little pleasure from anything anymore. It’s a terrible way to live, always afraid with fear as a constant companion. It’s almost as if I’m in a James Bond movie and the walls are closing in on me, except I just can’t find a way out this time, where I used to before. I am constantly in a state of panic, waiting for the next attack and everything I’ve worked for is about to be for nothing if I allow anxiety to take over my life like it has and is. I’ve enjoyed your videos and must say that you are pretty much describing my life. Sad, isn’t it? BUT, on the other hand perhaps it’s a good thing because maybe this time, I’ve found the solution to this very long running “problem” that I’ve permitted to control me. I just can’t believe that I would (knowingly or unknowingly) do this to myself! I’ve used my powerful imagination to destroy my life instead of enhance it, but perhaps now is the time to change things around for the better! It will be difficult to change almost forty years of thinking, but I don’t have much choice because anxiety will strip away whatever I have left. Can you help me?! I know that from the neck-up runs everything from the neck-down and therein is where the problem lies. It is to be able to control the mind. Not easy to do, but is indeed possible…………………..What do you suggest? Please help!!

  27. Dawn says:

    Thank you for your emails and videos. I really look forward to getting them. I have only been on your mailing list a short time but you have really helped me.

  28. Gabrielle(gabby) says:

    The thing that struck me most in this video was when you said that the only people that can truly understand difficulties with social anxieties and panic attacks are people who have had them themselves. Experience is the best teacher as they say interms of truly understanding something-not what is written in books-how true!!

  29. Melissa says:

    Hey Geert!

    Iv always had the same fear of throwing up in public, so when im at places with alot of people i start to think what if i throw up its going to be so emberssing. Its hard to make a joke but i can recall i did that once at a store and i felt completly fine. I will try to use more of it to my advantage and i look foward to more of your videos.

    thanks a bunch!

  30. Roberta says:

    I really like your accent! Your videos Your videos have helped me enormously! Thank you very much. God bless you

  31. Rhonda says:

    Everytime I watch your videos I feel much better and it all makes sense!
    I have given up completley on Doctors, Therapy and all those who claim to help. Since watching your videos, I have been weaning myself off of my medication for anxiety 🙂
    Thank you

  32. Ian says:

    I am almost 59 years of age and for the first time in my life, I feel a real connectivity with your ideology. It makes me feel rather light-headed. Maybe It’s not too late to start enjoying life ! ?

  33. sashae says:

    I do like the videos and how u explain things. It puts me at ease very fast and I can appreciate that. At first I didnt have a clue on how to work with this and now I do. The examples u give is great. I get a true understanding of the problem and how to help myself out of them. I am glad that I ran across this site and u r a blessing to me. Thanx!!!

  34. Philly says:

    (oh and yes, the stuff you email me is great & helping!)

  35. Linda R. Diaz says:

    Hi Geert,

    Thank you so much for your loving generosity by sharing your experiences and tools with us.

    I look forward to receiving my CD’s soon; yes, I am one that has tried everything you mentioned to no avail.

    Do I really have to give up my two cups of strong coffee a day?! This is a good Venezuelan writing to you! I’ve been drinking coffee since I was three years old. It will be hard but I’ll do it.

    Thank you, again, and God bless you.

  36. Andy says:

    Hi Geert,

    Just like everyone else here, I felt I had to tell you how impressive and helpful your videos and emails are. You are so convincing and inspirational. You deserve every success this endeavor brings you. It seems you are the most successful man in the world; truly happy with yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  37. Tara says:

    Hi Geert,
    I have to say i laughed so much watching this video today, i have subscribed to the course im 3 weeks into it and its really helping me alot.everything you talk about is spot on and you explain it so well.the relaxation cd is fantastic i actually find mtself getting excited each week waiting ti listen to the next cd.
    A massive thankyou for all you do

  38. Jose Garcia says:

    Haha your funny Geert, but keep up the videos you help me a lot man (; Its getting better and better every day.

  39. Veronica Hernlem says:

    Gert 😀

    You and your plant are simply adorable..lol!

  40. Eric says:

    I am at the end of week 2 and very excited to begin week 3 in the next day or two. I followed another system “panic away” and the approach was to get mad and demand more out of an attack and give it 23 seconds to do whatever it came to do. This NEVER worked for me. I am not at the point yet of strolling through the supermarket without fear but I do have a ton of confidence that I haven’t had in a while. The whole humor thing has been my best weapon to end an attack.
    Geert, thanks for putting this in the easy format that you do.

  41. vern ketter says:

    I’ve been reading and listening to your emails for a couple of weeks. I really believe you’re on the right path with your remedies. I had severe attacks a year ago and wouldn’t wish them on anybody. I look forward to your emails. Humor is surely a great part of the solution and getting well is within us, not from without. Thanxmuch and please keep up your good work. You’re easy to follow !

  42. sylvia says:

    Love this explanation, we r our only safe place, love ur point of view, god bless

  43. elizabeth margareth says:

    haha you make me laugh, i like your blank wall because what you say makes so much more sense,than i decorated wall, i have only seen a few of your videos but i must tell you, the other day at the self serve checkout at the supermarket i was in the state : heart pounding starting to get blurry,feeling like i was gonna pass out and wanting to just be out of there,but i couldnt i had half put my veges through so i had to keep going then i remembered what you had said,” dont worry about it, these are only feelings, they will pass,just examine the feelings and tell them yes i can feel you,so what” so that was very helpful for me that day, that i didnt completly lose it, thank you so much : )

  44. Coco H says:

    My dear Geert, I love your approach it’s very refreshing. I’ve had panic/anxiety attacks for about 15 years and they began to get progressively worse a few years ago making life sometimes a living hell! I’m aware of some of your remedies as I followed the David Johnson ‘Freedom from Fear’ course, which worked to a point and I have been able to manage the panic attacks but not the anxiety. Anyway ever since I found you I’ve felt so much less anxious, your humorous approach to this is great. I’m on your 2nd session and flew from Geneva 2 days ago – panic/anxiety free which was amazing!!! Thank you!!!

  45. Ana says:

    Hi Geert,

    This looks crazy but i started to get healed just by listening your voice. Such a healing voice. I totally understand you, “english” is not my native language so you make it so simple to understand you. Agree with you, we are always trying to make excuses about the past and waste so much time in life. I can’t wait to buy your sessions, although i got better just by listening your videos. U made me believe on me. Someones we have to go through hard time to help the others. U are an amazing example, and thank you for helping us to beat the “anxiety”. We all love “anxiety” 🙂 don’t we ? 🙂

  46. Leo says:

    Another great video, the audio cds are also VERY helpful……
    I have myself try’d different things to get rid of my anxiety but they only ever worked momentarily and would return within hours, your techniques are much better and make total sense, best of all i can carry them with me at all times!!

    Thanx Leo (UK)

  47. Kerry-Lee Mudrack says:

    I must agree with you a thousandfold that there are many therapists etc., that think that because they have a diploma in psychology that they “believe” that they can help. Not neccesarily so. There is an old saying, ” You can’t talk the talk unless you’ve walked the walk”

    Humour is something that I have been blessed with. Now if I can get my mind and my emotions to combine with something like this I will be well on my way.
    I am also just finding out, I’m a bit ashamed to say, that I realize that my anxiety is caused by my thinking.,i.e. My inner dialogue.
    I’m actually going to see a therapist today to work on thought processes. Let’s see what she knows that I can teach her. LOL. I love your videos please keep them coming. I’m very encouraged by you. Bless you
    Kerry Mudrack

  48. surinder mann says:

    I also followed panic away and found it was a waste of time but I love Geert – im on week 9/10 and he is so funny, Geert you are an ANGEL to me and i will treasure ur sessions forever

  49. Pamela says:

    You are a breath of fresh air to listen to.
    I wholeheartedly agree that you have had to have experienced panic attacks and anxiety to totally understand the extreme feelings that surround this horrendous feeling. And the way you explain that finding someone to help you overcome this is very hard. As how can someone really help when they have no idea of the severity of how it affects you.
    Also trying to explain the feelings, and there are so many, to even family and close friends is also hard, as you actually feel like a burden, unless someone close has experienced panic also.
    I find all your emails and talks very helpful, some of what affected you is also similar to myself. But I guess that is just luck that I listened to you.
    I look forward to subscribing to your course

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